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By Dremsword | 26 November 2020 | 0 Comments


The Habaki  is made of 2mm red copper (The back and front reinforced material are the same ) with hard soldered. The Habaki is the connecting link between the blade and Tsuka, which clamps the Tsuba  and Seppa and secures for a tight seat in the saya.

The Tsuba (blade) is made of an old piece of iron (6mm).

All metal parts were bronzed and braided/ground before assembly.

The Tsuka (handle) made by us is not used to fitted with clamps attached to the Magnolium Wood handle and handle wrapping, but is made of Grenadill wood, which is fixed on one side inside with a 6mm steel rod, and the other side was glued together by a bronze thread to a unit.

Mount (anchored) the Tsuka  on the sword handle (Nakago) with a Mekugi (pen) consisting of a conical (4-6mm) sanded bamboo (buffalo horn).

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